All pupils taking exams in S4, S5 and S6 will have study leave from 15th – 31st January 2024 inclusive.  Spaces will be made available in school for those who would prefer to study here.

The dates for prelim exams can be seen below, showing dates for all subjects and levels.  Specific timings for the different papers will follow in individual pupil timetables issued closer to the exams, as will information for those of you with AARs (alternative assessment requirements).  A small number of pupils taking specific combinations of subjects who have clashes will have slight adjustments to their timetables; Mrs Mercer will speak to you individually.

Some subjects, such as Music, Art and Drama, will run practical exams outwith the prelim period.  Teachers will communicate these details to you in due course.

The early publication of this timetable will allow you to plan your revision.  This will be especially important for those of you have several exams on consecutive days.

Further advice and support for revision and study will be communicated with you and your parents in December.

Prelim Timetable 2024 (updated 18/01/2024)

Thursday 18 January – Following the further disruption to prelims caused by today’s snow closure, I can confirm that the exams scheduled for today will now run on Thursday 1st February.  Pupils should follow their personalised prelim timetable in terms of timings, rooms and seat numbers but replace the date reading 18th January with the new one of 1st February; new timetables will not be issued.

We plan study leave to end as planned on Wednesday 31st January; pupils with Physics, Art, Graphics or ESOL exams on Thursday 1st February will be extracted from classes to allow them to attend their prelim. All other pupils will return to classes on Thursday 1st February.

Hopefully we will be open for business as usual tomorrow and pupils should follow their prelim timetable as it stands for papers on Friday 19th January.  We will keep you updated on any further changes.  Should you have any questions or queries, please send them to


If any pupil has questions regarding prelims, please use the box in reception or speak to Mrs Mercer.  Parents can communicate via our email