Parent Council


The Parent Council meet regularly during the school session.  This space is to facilitate communication to the Parent Forum from the Parent Council. The content of the minutes in this designated Parent Council space do not necessarily represent the views of the school or Aberdeenshire Council.  The next meeting is after the Summer.

Parent Council Meeting on Monday 25th April 2022 click here to view the minutes

The AGM meeting was held online on 6th September 2021 – AAPC AGM minutes 6th September 2021 final to view the minutes.


We welcome comments from parents and carers and if you want to be added to our e-mail list, please email us at:

Our constitution was revised February 2019 Click here to view.


Parent Council Members 2021-22

Office Bearers

Chairperson – Aileen Longino
Vice Chair – Susan Nicoll
Treasurer – Rob Brooker
Secretary – Natasha Pawlukiewicz


Jenna Storey
Charles Dunbar
Joanna Ellson
Laura Muirhead
Lorraine Chesney
Lorraine Wildblood
Lynsey Harris


Staff Members are Michael Foy (Head Teacher), Jane Summers (Teacher of Modern Studies) and Ashley Easton (PT Guidance)


Click on the links below for minutes of past meetings:

AAPC minutes 25 April 2022

AAPC minutes 21st Feb 2022
AAPC minutes 11th January 2022
AAPC minutes 6th October 2021 final
AAPC AGM minutes 6th September 2021 draft
AAPC draft minutes 29th April 2021
AAPC_minutes QnA_2nd Feb 2021
AAPC draft minutes 14th December 2020_final
AAPC draft minutes 6th October 2020_final
AAPC AGM minutes 8th September draft
AAPC minutes 30th October_final
AAPC AGM minutes 10th September 2019
AAPC minutes 13th May 2019
AAPC minutes 19 March 2019
AAPC Minutes 14th January 2019 final
AAPC minutes 8th November 2018 – final version
AAPC AGM minutes – 11th September 2018
AAPC minutes 24th May 2018
AAPC minutes 19th March 2018 – Finzean
AAPC Minutes 18th January 2018 – Tarland Primary School
AAPC minutes 1st November 2017 Torphins
5th September 2017 – AGM
8th June 2017
15th March 2017
10th January 2017
26th October 2016
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26th April 2016
12th January 2016