Aboyne Golf Club

Aboyne Academy has engaged with Aboyne Golf Club in a variety of interesting and innovative ways over the past year.  Our partnership was initiated when the club sent two representatives along to the school Business Breakfast back in March.  The representatives completed an exit card stating clearly their desire to work with the school after realising the potential of both organisations working together.  From that day on our pupils have been involved in a variety of projects to advertise the club by creating pull-up banners and designing new club leaflets which enhance the appeal of playing at this fantastic venue.  They have obviously further developed their marketing skills as well as further developing the skills needed to obtain a good grade in Graphic Communication.

In addition Aboyne Golf Club provided work experience opportunities spanning the different aspects of careers within the industry for our pupils which was extremely well received.

We have a number of exceptionally talented pupils and the club is extremely proactive in organising junior events and promoting the positive of the game to potential new recruits.  They recently hosted an inter-house competition which was extremely popular and helped to further promote our positive ethos as well as stimulate interest in the game.

I have every confidence that the partnership between Aboyne Academy and Aboyne Golf Club will continue from strength to strength.

Golf club banners