House System


Each form class belongs to one of the school’s four Houses and includes form classes from each year group S1 – S6.

Each House is named after one of four local hills – Birsemore, Clachnaben, Lochnagar and Morven.

The school has four Principal Teachers of Guidance and each guidance teacher has responsibility for the care and welfare of pupils in their House.

Siblings from the same family enrolling at the school will be allocated to the same House.  This enables the guidance teacher to build up close relationships with families.

In addition to the Principal Teacher of Guidance there is a ‘teacher in charge’ of each House.  The role of these members of staff is to encourage and motivate pupils to participate in the regular ‘House Week’ activities.

Each house has two S6 pupils as captains and they are selected at the start of each new session. These senior students lead their House and encourage pupils to become involved in house activities.

The House system is a very positive feature of school life which gives pupils and staff a sense of identity within the school.  It also provides the opportunity for some good fun and friendly competition.