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S1-2 Broad General Education – Core

S3 – Broad General Education – Core – S3 BGE course booklet 2024-2025 Mathematics

S4/5/6 – Senior Phase – Pupil Choice – SP course booklet 2024-2025 Mathematics

Home Revision

Rigour – CfE 3rd Level, 4th Level, and National 5

Access to these online learning portals is gained by the link where you will find a member login section on the left. Enter the generic email address and the single password for all levels now is Successforall! (note the capital letter, no spaces, and the exclamation mark). Pupils will then have access to all the course and level links that will appear when logged in.

Prelim/Exam Study Tips

The short video is for pupils and parents/guardians looking for support with studying for Mathematics or Applications of Mathematics exams. It will give you good tips on how to study Maths and how to access the best resources. The accompanying document will also be issued to all pupils ahead of the prelims.

Video – How to Study Mathematics

Document – How to Study Mathematics

Scholar – A Programme of Herriot-Watt University

All pupils studying National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher Mathematics have access to the Scholar site using their individual usernames and passwords provided to them. This is an excellent site for revision broken down into the units and topics at each level with explanations, examples, and topic tests. Pupils get instant feedback as they attempt revision exercises and topic/end of unit tests.

Scholar have several live online sessions to help you revise for your Nat 5 or Higher Maths course –

These will be of greatest benefit to you if you download and attempt the worksheet prior to the sessions which can be found at along with some other information about the sessions.

The link to join the sessions is where you can enter the session as a guest up to half an hour before the session starts. Capacity for the sessions is limited so join early! Previous recorded sessions can also be accessed via this link.

Finally, another recommended website for revision is which was created by a Scottish secondary maths teacher.

Additional Mathematical Activities
In addition to our maths curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to participate in a variety of additional mathematical activities.

Scottish Maths Challenge
Available for all pupils in S1-S4, this is a national competition organised by the Scottish Mathematical Council.  Two sets of problems are sent to the school during each academic year.  Pupils are expected to attempt the problems at home and write up an explanation of their solutions.  The school collates responses and forwards them to the Scottish Maths Council for marking.  Marks are then returned to the school and pupils can be offered an award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Mathematical Masterclasses
Available for pupils in S2, the masterclasses are organised by Techfest-Setpoint and designed introduce enthusiastic young mathematicians to new topics outside of their normal school curriculum and give them the opportunity to work with other youngsters, teachers and university lecturers.  They consist of a series of 8 workshop sessions which are held on a Saturday in Aberdeen.

Enterprising Maths
This is a national competition for a team of 4 pupils, 2 from S2 and 2 from S3, which is a one-day local event (usually during a school day in June).  Pupils are expected to research a given topic and display their findings as a poster presentation, then take part in a variety of different mathematical puzzles and problems.

Maths in the Pipeline
This is a one-day event for a group of pupils from S4 organised by Techfest-Setpoint in conjunction with several oil and gas companies.   The aim of the event is to apply mathematical knowledge, develop teamwork skills, learn about the oil and gas industry and communicate with industry professionals.  The event is held during the school day at one of the oil companies offices in Aberdeen.

STEM in the Pipeline
This is a three-month project for a group of S6 pupils organised by Techfest-Setpoint in conjunction with several oil and gas companies.  Pupils have the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to a realistic industry problem (developing an oilfield) and are supported throughout by industry professionals.  On completion of the task, they have to submit a written report and present their results to a panel of industry experts.

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