Parents Portal


Parentsportal is an online system with a real-time link to a growing suite of online services, such as viewing information about your child’s education, paying for school meals, and updating your own data.  A parentsportal app has recently been launched to help make communication between schools and parents/carers even easier.  The app gives parents/carers access to school services and information about your child’s education online, doing away with the traditional ‘school bag run’.

A YouTube video has been created for parents/carers, with a link being available on the attached communication.  The video highlights the range of services available within parentsportal, for example permission slips, annual data check forms, and school events.

The Main Contact will have access to view and update data contained within the Annual Data Check Service. The Main Contact will also be able to respond to Permission Slips, granting or denying permission as required.  The Secondary Contact will have access to all the services on apart from two. The Secondary Contact is unable to access the Annual Data Check Service. As a result, they are unable to view or update any of the data contained with the Annual Data Check form. The Secondary Contact can however update their own details if required (address, phone number, email address) via the Update My Details section. For Permission Slips a Secondary Contact has view-only access, they can read information about a trip or policy that permission has been requested for, but they are unable to respond to grant or deny permission.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.