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Course Information

S1-2 – Broad General Education – Core

S3 – Broad General Education – Pupil Choice
French and Spanish, for more information – S3 BGE course booklet 2021-2022 Modern Languages

S4/5/6 – Senior Phase – Pupil Choice
Modern Languages, for further information – SP Course Booklet 2021-2022 Modern Languages
French – National 4, National 5 and Higher
Spanish – National 4, National 5 and Higher

Language Learning in Scotland: a 1+2 Approach
The Scottish Government’s Language Working Group published their final report and recommendation for language learning in Scotland in May 2012.  This report brings forward far reaching recommendations, with the purpose of establishing a new model for the learning and teaching of language in Scottish schools.
Key recommendations see the Scottish Government explore opportunities for all young people to start learning a second language from P1 and a third language not later than P5, and for primary and secondary schools to work more closely together to ensure better progression in language learning. These recommendations should be implemented across Scotland by 2020.
All language learning is important and should be recognised and celebrated as an achievement.  From August 2016, Aberdeenshire schools will be working towards the ambitious goal of every pupil learning two languages in addition to their mother tongue, as outlined in the Scottish Government’s recommendations.  This leaflet outlines the benefits of language learning and gives parent and carers information on how languages will be taught in our schools.

A leaflet called Language Learning 1+2 for Parent and Carer gives more information – Language Learning 1+2 Parent and Carer Leaflet
Really useful language websites

You can practise you French or Spanish (or other languages if you like!) at home in your own time…and it doesn’t have to be boring.

We pay annually for a subscription to these excellent web resources, which will help you to practise vocabulary, listening, games and more.  Ask your teacher for the passwords.                                  

Here is a selection of alternative websites.

For games:

For exam revision:

For grammar practice:

For listening:

For reading practice:

For news and current affairs: (pre-S4) (Advanced level news) (News in brief) (A light-hearted look at the news) (current affairs and politics)

To watch TV in your target language: (French version of iplayer)  (Another French version of iplayer)

To listen to radio in your target language:

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