Virtual Sports Day – Friday 19th June

On Friday 19th June, all pupils and staff are encouraged to take part in a Virtual Sports Day. The day is primarily based on pupils and staff participating in three key activities to gain house points. The three activities are Walking, Running and Cycling.  Pupils and staff will have from 9am – 3.30pm to complete the activities.

Pupils and staff will gain 1 point for each activity completed. Individuals can take part in ONE activity or ALL THREE. However, in line with recommended physical activity guidelines, each pupil/staff member should aim to complete 20 mins of their chosen activity. Pupils and staff can only participate in the same activity once so if two walks are undertaken on the day, only 1 point will be awarded. All activities must be undertaken in a safe environment and helmets must be worn when cycling.


When Walking, Running or Cycling, pupils may wish to record longer time frames/distances than 20 mins which will be noted by staff on the day. There will also be a ‘PE Activity Challenge’ available which includes:

1) Step-ups
2) Press-ups
3) Squat Jumps
4) Burpees
5) Keepie-uppies with either a football, tennis racket, hockey stick (highest total in one suggested activity without ball dropping).

Pupils will complete as many repetitions as possible in 30 secs. Pupils are encouraged to video each activity they take part in to ensure fair play. PE staff will be on the look-out for pupils who show outstanding effort and commitment on the day and sports day achievements (a combination of exercises and duration of activities undertaken) will be recognised through awards.


Pupils can also bake a sports day themed snack which will achieve 1 house point. For example, a Gingerbread runner, Energy bar or even a bake that is named after your specific house e.g. ‘Morven Mountain Bar.’  The top 4 entries will be given additional house point recognition.  Pupils should send in a photo of their bake to be judged via the scoring form.


Pupils and staff will be able to enter their results via a ‘Live’ link which can be accessed via the School website on the day. For the day to be a success, the scoring system is based on TRUST of all pupils. The scores will be administered by staff with the final results being posted via official school communication platforms such as the school website, twitter etc.

Further information on the events of the day and demonstrations of all PE Challenge activities can be viewed in the video link below.

Aboyne Academy Sports Day – Information and Scoring

Photos of pupils and staff taking part in Walking, Running, Cycling or even enjoying a healthy picnic are encouraged. A selection of the pics will be shared via school communication platforms. However, photos will only be used if permission is given via the info/scoring form provided.

The Virtual Sports Day is a great opportunity for pupils and staff to embrace our school values by participating, showing determination, demonstrating teamwork to gain house points and showing respect for others by being honest about achievements.

Hopefully, the weather is kind to us, and we can all enjoy the day!

Good Luck!

Mr Birse
Teacher of Physical Education