S6 Pupils – Attendance, Registration and Signing in

Session 2017-18

As an S6 pupil you may have periods on your timetable when you do not have classes. In order to help ensure that you use your time effectively, and with the degree of flexibility you are entitled to as a senior pupil, the following system for registration has been put in place.

It is important that everyone follows this guidance for the following reasons:

Please read the following information carefully
(Morning is periods 1-4, Afternoon is periods 5-6):

1. You should attend registration each morning unless you have no classes until the afternoon. If you only have classes in the afternoon and have not been at school in the morning then you must sign in at the school office when you arrive at school.

2. If you have no classes in the afternoon and wish to leave the school building then you must go to the school office and sign out at lunchtime. You cannot sign out without a parental note at any other time.

3. During any periods when you are in school and do not have a timetabled class then you may use the library, S6 area in the canteen or the Walker Building as study areas. These areas will be checked regularly to ensure that S6 pupils are using their time effectively. Alternatively it may be possible for you to work within one of the faculties that you attend for subject courses. This must be negotiated and agreed with the faculty concerned.

4. If you have a period with no timetabled class and you have brought a note with parental signature, you may sign out to attend a driving lesson.

5. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the wider life of the school in various ways and achieve the Saltire Volunteering Award through activities such as leadership activities, providing support in classes, organising events, etc.

6. There will be assemblies for S5/6 on Wednesday mornings as usual.

7. Pupils who do not attend class regularly or who are not benefiting from their time will be helped to find an alternative path outwith school.

Please ensure that you cooperate with these arrangements, they are designed to enable you to make best use of your time in S6.