ARCADION LOGO - Offshore Accommodation Solutions (Black)

At Aboyne Academy we are very proud of our main business partnership with Aberdeen based company ARCADION.

Since forming the business partnership 2012 we have built a strong two-way relationship.  The school’s involvement with the company is invaluable as pupils learn from the various projects and events run but we also hope to bring new ideas and a different perspective to the work ARCADION does.  We invest lots of time in the relationship, working closely together with ARCADION staff to look for opportunities that will add value to our normal curricular activities and benefit both organisations.  ARCADION assist where they can with new equipment and materials for the school but the relationship is about much more than that.

ARCADION specialise in Offshore Accommodation providing quality, tailored, full circle accommodation solutions and are dedicated to making life offshore comfortable and efficient.  Established over 10 years ago and having all professional and trade capabilities in-house, they are recognised as an industry leader in their field.

Some of our recent partnership working with ARCADION is summarised below:

Thursday 20th April 2017
ARCADION kindly provided some additional resources to support Hospitality and Home Economics. The goods which include fresh bowls, plates and storage containers are much appreciated and will be put to good use by the Hospitality and Community Resource Hub pupils utilising the Home Economics area.

Thursday 16th March 2017
ARCADION Technical Director Clive Gregory was in school to participate in our Quality Improvement Visit from Aberdeenshire Council. Clive, along with Eric Baird Head Ranger from Glen Tanar Estate, met with the QIV team to discuss the partnerships between Aboyne Academy and the organisations they represent.

Saturday 3rd December 2016
This weekend saw Aboyne Academy and ARCADION team up to assist in the delivery of our annual Christmas Fair.

Work began late on Friday afternoon with the arrival of the ARCADION catering equipment from their Dyce office. This was unloaded by ARCADION staff assisted by S6 helpers Ben Gifford and Calum Kitching and installed upstairs in the canteen area.

The following morning Chef Russell Mahoney and ARCADION Technical Director Clive Gregory worked with hospitality pupils Ruth Gibson, Jennifer Pirie and Emma Forsyth to prepare and serve lunch and snack refreshments for everyone attending the Christmas Fair. Highlights on the menu this year were soup, tasty chilli and pancakes with a variety of delicious toppings. The Fair was attended by over 350 members of the public.

Ruth, Jennifer and Emma really enjoyed the challenges of the day and the chance to develop their skills working with a real industry chef and commercial equipment. The below picture shows Ruth, Russell, Jennifer and Emma hard at work on pancake preparation wearing their ARCADION/Aboyne Academy chef whites. A big thank you to all the ARCADION involved in transporting the equipment to us and helping on the day.

Wednesday 2nd November 2016
As part of Health Week, ARCADION kindly donated water bottles for all pupils featuring the new school logo and ARCADION logo.  These were issued to all pupils during period 6 today.

Friday 28th October 2016
Over the last few months Mrs Scott has been consulting with pupils, parents and staff to develop a new vision and values for Aboyne Academy.  With these important statements now agreed we needed to consolidate them into a format which could be easily understood and displayed within the school.  Phil Hynd, one of ARCADION’s Design Technicians and Lisa Cormack, ARCADION Business Co-ordinator, took our “Believe, Achieve, Succeed” motto and 4 values and created the below graphic incorporating our house colours.  This will be shared with and displayed within the whole school community.

Thursday 22nd September 2016
On Thursday 22nd September, we held our first ever Aboyne Academy Careers Fair.  As part of a committee of staff and senior pupils, ARCADION Technical Director Clive Gregory and Business Co-ordinator Lisa Cormack were instrumental in assisting us to organise and deliver the event.  Working with a group of hospitality pupils, the ARCADION team including Chef Russell Mahoney provided refreshments on the day and we received some very positive feedback from pupils and exhibitors about the day and the quality of the food!  ARCADION also exhibited at the event with nearly all staff from their Aberdeen office attending at some point during the day.  The below picture shows Clive, Russell and Hospitality pupil Katie Meston hard at work on the catering stand.

Monday 19th September 2016
As part of the new “Aiming Higher” course in S1, pupils were introduced to the schools partnership with ARCADION today.  ARCADION Design Technician Phil Hynd led a group of four ARCADION staff who spoke at morning assembly and set a design task for the rest of the lesson, focusing on some key design and employability skills.  Senior pupils who had recently benefited from working with ARCADION were also present in assembly to highlight the benefits of the partnership.

Wednesday 31st August 2016
Always keen to support our long standing partnership with the school, ARCADION have sponsored new school football strips for both the boys and girls teams. The kits, which carry both the ARCADION logo and the schools badge are seen here being modelled by some of the pupils accompanied by Lisa Cormack, ARCADION Business Co-ordinator and Mr Birse.

14th June 2016
ARCADION continued their ongoing involvement at the school’s annual Awards Ceremony today, donating awards for Business Management, Design and Technology and Outstanding Individual Achievement.  ARCADION Planning Engineer Nick Bouch and Amanda Grant who is the Accounts and Support Team Supervisor attended the event on behalf of the company.

30th May 2016
ARCADION were again pleased to be asked to be part of the judging panel for the 2016 Youth and Philanthropy Initiative at Aboyne Academy.  Lisa Cormack, ARCADION Business Co-ordinator along with other local business people judged the finalists and selected the most worthy presentation to receive the £3000 donation from the Wood Foundation.

27th May 2016
As part of a process to gather ideas about improving our community library space, ARCADION Director of Projects Claire Taylor kindly visited the school with Business Co-ordinator Lisa Cormack and provided a list of recommendations and ideas.

Previously we have worked together in a number of ways including:

Last year, Phil Hynd, one of ARCADION’s Design Technicians, worked with the S3 Graphic Communication classes to come up with new ideas and graphics for the company’s Offshore Europe 2015 promotional adverts in the British Airways and Eastern Airways inflight magazines. The successful pupil, James Knowles, had his design incorporated into the adverts which ran in both magazines.  To further include the pupils, ARCADION invited Graphic and Design pupils and Home Economic pupils to the 2015 Offshore Europe event which was a great experience for all involved.

ARCADION have also run cooking workshops with the Home Economics classes and in March 2016 were involved in the school’s first ever Business Breakfast.  Chef Russell Mahoney worked with a National 5 HE class to prepare a breakfast fit for hungry businessmen and women.  The event was to encourage other local businesses to get involved with the school and to show the benefits of a school and business partnership and was a great success!

ARCADION are always great supporters of our annual Christmas Fair. They visit the school the day before and install their catering equipment ready to provide refreshments throughout the event.  A group of pupils assist with the preparation and cooking of the food which is an excellent hospitality work experience and a treat for everyone who attends the fair.