SQA Support Evening


Please find below presentations and a link to the recording of our SQA Support Evening for Parents/Carers/Pupils held online on Thursday 9th December 2021:

Recording of meeting – click here


General presentation – click here

Revision skills presentation – click here


Revision support resources from Hayley (Library) – https://padlet.com/hayleylockerbie/revision_support

This is a padlet which has links to four resources to support revision at Nat 5 and Higher level. Number 2, the Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone, is particularly good if you don’t know about it yet!

  1. Free access to “How to Pass” guides when on campus via VLE books.
  2. Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone – free access to their study guides, tests and activities to support revision across all subjects at Nat 5 and Higher.
  3. SQA past papers.
  4. Library catalogue for searching physical books available.




N5 Drama

Supported Study is running on Tuesdays in the theatre 3.30-4.30pm.



staff continue to arrange one to one support for solo performing during break and lunchtimes, this should be sought by pupils as well to organise appropriate times to go over performance programme.



Class resources and additional revision materials / exam help on Google Classroom for all levels.

N5 Revision – Wednesday Lunch

Higher Revision – Friday Lunch

Study Leave support offered



Class resources and additional revision materials / exam help on Google Classroom for N5 and Higher (additional digital copies of class notes / materials can be made available if needed).

Revision sessions – Tuesday Lunch (all levels).

Study Leave support offered


Modern Studies:

Class resources and additional web links available on Google Classroom. Revision and exam help also available.

Study Leave support offered.



Tuesday/Wednesday after school sessions with National 5.

Wednesday Lunch time support session for Higher

Materials for all levels are on Google Classroom plus their own printed course notes folders.