P7 Transition

Primary 7 Transition to Aboyne Academy

Making the move from primary to secondary school is a very important transition point in a pupil’s education.

There is a close relationship between Aboyne Academy and its ten associated primary schools. This helps ensure that the transition for pupils runs smoothly. The transfer of educational records from the primaries to the academy ensures detailed knowledge of each pupil is passed on when pupils move to secondary education and helps to enable a continuous learning experience for each young individual.

The main changes that pupils notice when they join the secondary school are related to the larger size of the school and the fact that their new classmates come from many different primaries. The daily routine is also quite different as each class has several teachers. Also pupils move to different parts of the school during the day to attend classes. The P7/S1 Transition programme aims to prepare pupils and parents/carers for these changes.

Below you can find up to date information about our Transition process for this year.

If you do have any queries or questions then please do not hesitate to contact Mr Drennan (Depute Head Teacher) at the school.

P7 Transition – Induction Days (20th and 21st June 2019)


Link Day Two – Tuesday 28th May

P7 Transition – Link Day Two (Tuesday 28th May 2019)

Design a Board Game – Activities

Please find below the Activity instructions for pupils for each of the 5 roles:

Brand your Game

Customer Review

Design Your Board

Game Instructions

Sales Pitch

Link Day One – Thursday 9th May 2019

P7 Transition – Link Day One (Thursday 9th May 2019)


An example of an S1 Timetable


P7 Parent/Carer Information Evening – Presentations and Information- 25th April 2019

P7 Parent Presentation 2019

Our First Year At Aboyne Academy (April 2019)

Positive School Climate Presentation 2019

Anti Bullying Presentation 2019

Digital Parenting Presentation 2019