Head Teacher Bulletin


Dear Parent/Carer

Aboyne Academy Coronavirus Update (10am March 31st 2020)

  1. Many thanks to Rob Brooker who successfully coordinated a meeting of the AAPC online last night. The minutes of that meeting will be shared with all parents as soon as they are available.
  2. The Aberdeenshire Educational Psychology Service are keen for parents to know that they can be contacted via the new telephone support service that they have set up. This is an another important resource for parents of pupils who may be having difficulty coping during these challenging times. Telephone Support Service – Aberdeenshire Educational Psychology Service
  3. As mentioned yesterday no further work will be set by teachers after today, but they will be delighted to receive any completed work to be able to feedback on it in the lead up to the Easter break.


Aboyne Academy Coronavirus Update (10am March 30th 2020)


I hope that you and your family remain well and managed to have a relaxing weekend. There are a couple of important points that I wanted to bring to your attention in this update:

  1. We are concerned that not all senior phase pupils have engaged with the course work that has been set online. Completing this work is essential to ensure that pupils can move on to the next stage of their learning when the new timetable starts. We intend having introductory course materials for new 2020/2021 courses available soon after the Easter break. Please ensure that your child completes any outstanding work and submits it as required to their class teacher to enable them to progress with their learning. This work may also be important to assist teachers when finalising estimate grades.
  2. We have been working hard to get online learning set up but we are aware that there needs to be a coordinated approach across the school to ensure that the work is both manageable and proportionate. We have asked that staff do not set any work beyond Tuesday of this week to ensure that pupils can complete the work already set, feel a sense of achievement and have a much needed break from school work over Easter. Thereafter the tasks will be set with a whole school overview.

You will appreciate that we are all learning together, and I have welcomed the feedback that has come in from parents to help us to get this new way of learning right for all our pupils.

Aboyne Academy Coronavirus Update (10.30am March 27th 2020)

  1. Collection of free school meals from hub schools will end  (Friday 27th March.) Families will be mainly be provided with funding for a 4 week period which will be added to bank accounts. In some cases vouchers may be issued. This new system will cover the Easter Holiday period. You will be contacted directly if you are currently in receipt of FSM. If your financial situation changes (and many will over the course of the next few weeks) please do not hesitate to apply for FSM via this link: FSM Application

​Aboyne Academy Coronavirus Update (7.30am March 25th 2020)

  1. Please keep checking the Aboyne Academy website where we will upload any new information that is important for pupils and parents. A regular bulletin will be added to the website in the new “Learning at Home” section to avoid sending out multiple emails. Our twitter feeds (@aboyneacad and @HTAboyneaca) and the Aboyne Academy Parent Forum Facebook will also provide useful updates for parents and for pupils.
  2. The SQA released a statement regarding coursework for National qualifications (https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/93658.html). Following this statement our advice to pupils is that they should be continuing to complete coursework from home or additional tasks where this is possible as these may provide evidence to support teacher professional judgements. Although coursework will not be sent to the SQA, it may play a valuable role in adding to the evidence schools have to support estimate grades. If there is any change to this position following a formal communication from the SQA we will advise you via the “Learning at Home – General Information” section of the website.
  3. Skills Development Scotland provided further assurances about their ongoing support for pupils at this time which we have added to the website.
  4. A Hub is available at Aboyne Primary School for children of key workers. Both primary and Academy staff will be available to provide child-care in exceptional cases. A form was issued to S1 and S2 parents by email as there are places available which will be considered on a case by case basis.
  5. Free School Meals continue to be supplied from the Academy between 12 -1 pm each day. The Authority are aware that this arrangement is not ideal for a rural setting and are considering other options.
  6. We have been impressed with the level of support provided by teachers working from home and the number of pupils that are engaging with work set online. Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom are not ideal platforms when so many classes are using them simultaneously and can sometime run quite slowly so please be patient as we work around this. The “Learning at Home – General Information” section of the website provides details about frequency of work and expectations for pupils in this new situation. This will be continually updated but please also remember the need to prioritise a bit of down time and self-care.
  7. Leavers online school meal payments will be refunded in cash or transferred onto a sibling’s card when pupils return to school. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for refunds to be made online at this time.
  8. Guidance teachers, the Pupil Support Worker and other agencies will keep in touch with identified pupils to provide support through this challenging time.
  9. The document accessible via this link gives some current information and reassurance regarding EMA payments: EMA COVID 19 Q&A


Do not hesitate to contact us via the usual channels at any time. We may not have all the answers to your questions yet but will endeavour to keep you up to date with any new facts as they emerge. Rest assured that the staff at Aboyne Academy just want the best outcomes for your child at this difficult time.

Yours sincerely

Lorraine Scott

Head Teacher