General Information


The ongoing Coronavirus situation requires everyone in our school community to look after each other and model our school values of respect, determination, participation and teamwork. We are confident that by everyone working together we can overcome any challenges!

During the ongoing school closure, we will continue to teach all year groups using remote learning tools such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and Glow. New pieces of work and deadlines will be set via Show My Homework.

If your child has any issues with their Show My Homework or Glow username/password or any of the remote learning tools please email with your child’s name and register class and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


S1-3 Pupils

We will aim to set one learning task per week per class for S1-3 (Broad General Education Pupils). This work will be set via Show My Homework.


Current S3 pupils

Current S3 pupils should continue working on Broad General Education work set by their current class teachers until Friday 27th March 2020. After this date we will make introductory work available for their S4 courses. Details on how to access this work will be provided at that time.


S4-6 Pupils: Outstanding SQA Coursework

We are waiting for further information from the SQA regarding how certification will work this year. Don’t worry – we will be doing everything we can to ensure no pupils are disadvantaged and the Scottish Government, with SQA, will be working with us on this.  We will provide further information on this as soon as we can.

For many senior pupils, particularly in S5/6, there will be outstanding SQA coursework which was due to be completed. The Deputy First Minister announced on Sunday 22nd March 2020 that no young person with coursework to complete should attend school or other education setting to do so.

In a further announcement on 24th March 2020, the SQA have confirmed that schools are not required to send learners coursework to the SQA this year as normal for marking.

However, it is essential that, where this coursework can still be completed, this is done by pupils from home. This will allow us to use this coursework as evidence to support the certification process. Faculty Principal Teachers will manage the organisation of this via Show My Homework. The SQA are aware that it may not be possible for some pupils to complete all coursework because specialist equipment is required or it is normally produced under supervised conditions in school. If this situation changes following a further statement from the SQA, we will update this information.

The SQA will provide further details about how courses will be certificated this year as soon as possible.

Many S4 pupils still have to complete work for the S4 Employability course which can be completed at home. This course supports the development of important skills and many schools across Scotland offer it. It’s a good one to have on your CV! Guidance Principal Teachers will manage the organisation of this and will contact pupils and communicate deadlines through Show My Homework.


S4-6 Pupils who attend NesCol (Link courses or FA’s)

Please see below message from NesCol (Tuesday 24th March 2020)

“North East Scotland College is continuing remote delivery as far as possible for all students, including School Links pupils and Foundation Apprentices.  All pupils have access to a College email account with their Student ID number.  If they don’t know their Student ID number or password, we can assist them if they contact us by email to

Pupils are able to communicate with their lecturers, access course materials and submit coursework and assessments through use of Blackboard.

To access Blackboard to complete 19/20 Course work:

The link to blackboard –

Pupils sign in with their student and normal password.

For those that have not accessed Blackboard their password would be initials and date of birth format: WwDDMMYY example Ww050391

For assessment of outstanding practical units, where assessment depends on observation or completion of a practical project, lecturing staff will keep pupils up to date on agreed alternative arrangements as we know them.  Communication with awarding bodies continues in this respect.”


Update from Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

Please see below message from SDS (Wednesday 25th March 2020)

“SDS is continuing to provide career, information, advice and guidance for all young people.  Our school careers advisers are endeavouring to maintain contact with pupils and we are looking at how we can further develop on-line services to support them.

We are already working with the SQA and other awarding bodies in relation to Foundation Apprenticeships. This work will support their guidance for individuals and learning providers to ensure that the effects of disruption are minimised and that wherever possible, apprentices and learners are not negatively impacted in the longer term.

Pupils and their parents and carers will be able to continue to contact their Careers Adviser for support. This will be done via telephone, Skype or online. To speak to a Careers Adviser they will be asked to call their local centre on 01467 623623 (Inverurie Centre) and 01779 479345 (Peterhead Centre). Details of all our centres can be found on My World of Work. Calls are being automatically re-routed to advisers (all of whom are home-working). Please be reassured that SDS Careers Advisers will continue to proactively contact pupils to offer them ongoing support.

SDS Advisers have access to GLOW. This will allow SDS to further support teaching colleagues, pupils and their families with ongoing activity and how to access support.”


S4-5 Pupils: When current 2019/2020 work is completed

With the cancellation of the 2020 Exam diet many Senior pupils will now have completed all work required for their 2019/2020 courses. This provides an opportunity for them to do introductory work for the courses they will follow in S5 or S6.

Over the next few days we will be setting up either a Microsoft Team or Google Classroom for many Senior Phase subjects. Each of these online “Teams” or “Classrooms” will contain introductory work at a variety of levels (For eg. National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher.) This will allow pupils to begin working towards the subjects they plan to study in academic year 2020/2021.  We will post a list of course access codes onto the school website which will allow pupils access. Each Team or Classroom will contain information about how pupils can liaise with subject staff if they have queries and to submit work for feedback.

Pupils who are working on courses they hope to follow in S5 or S6 must be aware that actual enrolment in these courses once school opens for face to face teaching again depends on the normal timetabling process for which pupils have already made choices. As always, we will endeavour to provide as many pupils as possible with their chosen courses next session but this is dependent on our staffing and resources. Starting work on next year’s courses will be very useful for you but does not guarantee you will be allocated a place on these courses. Clearly pupils should start working on the subjects they have chosen for S5 or S6!


Due to this fast moving situation, please be aware the information provided on this page is subject to change. Please check back regularly for updates.