Prelim Examinations

January/February 2018

Guidelines for S4/S5/S6

• Examinations begin on Monday, 29th January and continue through until Friday, 16th February 2018.

• There will be no study leave during the period of the Prelim Examinations. Normal classes will continue throughout the exams.

• On leaving the examination room pupils should go directly to their timetabled classes. Pupils who have only a short interval between examinations (up to fifteen minutes) may use the coffee bar.

• It is intended, unless the school is forced to close completely because of snow, to keep to the printed timetable of exams. You should, therefore, make every effort to arrive in school, on time, on the day, but you should not make foolhardy journeys. If you are brought to school by a parent then you must check how you are to get home.

• If, because of bad weather, a small number of pupils miss an examination, arrangements will be made by individual departments for re-sits. If the weather prevents large numbers sitting, arrangements for re-sits will be posted on the main noticeboards.

• Alternative arrangements will not be made for pupils who choose not to appear on the appropriate day.

• For those pupils with an exam starting at 9.00 a.m. registration will be done in the examination room. At all other times pupils should attend registration as normal.

• If you have prelim clashes, please speak to the subject Faculty head to re-arrange one of your exams, then discuss with me and if possible this will be re-arranged for another time during the prelims.


1. Make sure that you check the examination timetable and that you know when and where your exams are going to take place.

2. Pupils should be in their places at least five minutes before the start of the examination and should have their pen/pencil and calculator with them.

3. Put your name card at the top right hand corner of your table so that it can be read without disturbing you.

4. Pupils should remember to head their examination scripts with the name they wish to appear on their certificates. The name should consist of a Forename and a Surname.

5. Pupils are asked to remember that others may already be undergoing examinations in the Games Hall when they enter and leave so quietness must be maintained at all times.

6. Pupils must ensure that mobile telephones are not taken into the examination room.

7. Pupils should place school bags at the side of the Games Hall before taking their seats.

8. Pupils will not be allowed to leave the examination room until the time set for the examination has expired.


1. Make sure that you have studied the exam timetable and that you know when each of your exams is taking place and where they are taking place.

It is a good idea to go through the exam timetable and highlight all your exams.

2. Make sure that you know which paper is being examined when. Also make sure that you know which papers you are sitting. If you are uncertain ask your subject teacher.

3. You should plan out your study programme to match the exam timetable. Those subjects that come early in the exam timetable should be studied first etc.

4. Your study programme should start well in advance of the exams. Don’t leave it to the last minute – or the night before!

5. Make sure that you know what will be covered in the exams and use that to guide your studying.

6. Studying is something that requires a bit of organisation.

Before you start make sure that you have all the books, notes etc that you need. Decide what you are going to study and give yourself a timescale to work to. Those things that you are unsure about or which you find difficult should be given more time than the sections you find easy.

Don’t forget that what you have done as homework may be helpful in studying especially if you have been given exam type questions to answer.

Prelim timetable January 2018 v5 and Pupil Guidelines for S4-S5-S6 Prelim Examinations 2018

All exams are in the Games Hall unless otherwise indicated.